CEO's Message

Published: October 2016

What a major difference one year makes. With the major advancements of digital platforms and the evolution of the smartphone, the information around us is moving incredibly fast. Our media landscape today is a paradigm shift from last year and, I must admit, next year will also be very different.   

We must accept that digital and social media platforms are much more powerful. With consumers’ infatuation with their mobile phones, it is evident that this revolution will only become stronger. Our smart devices and measuring how we use them are key to how advertisers will engage and create a platform of good business sense.

Today, it is not even about creative content, but simply engaging content is king.

It is evident that digital and social media platforms are crucial to navigating an otherwise treacherous territory. Mobility is key and reaching people on the move is paramount. We can say with absolute confidence that today, consumers of all types, demographics, income brackets and other parameters, are consumed by mobile and smart devices more than any other platform in the market today.

This continues to make our Media Consumption Survey even more important and we attempt to make sense of it all in our Media Scene analysis. But if one thing is certain, there’s a lot to consider!

Our media analysis article is intriguing to say the least and I am sure you will enjoy the key insights we have revealed. As always, Mediate remains true to its promise of remaining a hybrid media directory that profiles businesses involved in Oman’s changing media landscape.

I hope you enjoy it.

Eihab A. Abutaha

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